How does Pronto work?

Pronto combines the benefits of a nasal dilator, to open the nose and improve airflow, with the ability to deliver the vapors of the pure essential oil blends traditionally known to help you sleep or to clear a stuffy nose.

How many charges will I get with Pronto?

Pronto will charge up to 10 times. You should only wear Pronto up to 8 hours at a time.

How long does Pronto take to recharge?

Pronto will take between 30 seconds and two minutes to fully charge depending on the number of recharges remaining. The diffuser should appear saturated when fully charged.

Why do I need to replace the cap on the recharge point each time I recharge Pronto?

By replacing the cap on the recharge point, you ensure that you achieve 10 recharges of your Pronto.

Why am I not getting 10 recharges with Pronto?

Incorrect use of the recharge unit, specifically leaving the cap off the recharge point will reduce the number of recharges you will achieve.  Please follow the instructions and ensure that you place the cap on the recharging point when not recharging your Pronto.

How do I know which size to buy?

As a general rule of thumb; most women will typically be a small and most men will typically be a medium. Each size can be further adjusted. See Fitting & Wearing information for details on how to adjust Pronto.

What is the difference between Mute, Turbine and Pronto?

Our nasal technologies, Mute, Turbine and Pronto are designed to make breathing easier, increasing airflow on average, up to 38%. However, as the needs of the user vary, we have built some different features into each product.

During sleep, the device needs to be light and flexible to ensure it sits inside the nose comfortably throughout the night. To achieve this we have used more flexible and transparent materials for Mute, to allow for different sleeping positions.

For sport, comfort and retention during percussive movement is vital so aside from choosing a different material combination for Turbine, we have included additional retention features on the paddles and curved arms to comfortably hold it in place. Additionally, Turbine includes a fine tuning feature allowing the wearer to easily adjust the dilation of each nostril while the device is in place, such as increasing the dilation when under heavy, intense exercise like hill climbs.

Pronto, is our latest innovation. Pronto combines the benefits of a nasal dilator, to open the nose and improve airflow, with the ability to deliver the vapors of the pure essential oil blends traditionally known to be beneficial for sleep or to clear a stuffy nose. If you have trouble breathing through your nose due to congestion, an allergy, a deviated septum, or narrow airways, then Pronto Clear may be right for you. Alternatively, if you have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, then Pronto Sleep may be right for you.

Why can't I get the diffuser wet?

The diffuser is made from a porous material designed to hold the charge of oil. Wetting the material will affect the recharge of Pronto.

What is Pronto made from?

Pronto is made from ultra-soft medical grade polymers and is not made with natural rubber latex.

What if Pronto's scent is too weak for me?

Pronto has been designed to provide a specific strength of essential oils to ensure you get the best result. We tested the strength of the scent in a user trial to determine the level preferred by most people. We always appreciate your feedback, so please provide your feedback about the strength of Pronto by leaving us a message. 

What happens if I get irritation from Pronto?

If irritation to the oils or the dilator occur, stop using Pronto immediately.

Is Pronto recyclable?

Pronto’s packaging is recyclable including the instruction booklet, outer box and inner blister tray.  The recharging unit should be disposed of in your normal refuse bin.

How do I know if the recharge unit for Pronto has run out?

Use a tissue and lay it gently over the recharge point. If the tissue remains dry, then the recharge unit is finished. If you see a small oil spot forming, the unit can still recharge your Pronto.